A new way to teach wellbeing to adolescents

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The HAT Wellbeing program includes 40 unique, engaging, easy-to-teach wellbeing lessons and conversational kickstarters for middle-school students.

The HAT Wellbeing Program is different.
  • It’s brave – directly, gently addressing the 10 biggest worries of young people.
  • It’s beautiful – based on the work of renowned artist, Matthew Johnstone.
  • It’s engaging – crafted by leading wellbeing educators, and informed by science, our program generates real, impactful, inspiring conversations with students about issues that matter most to them.

HAT addresses real teenage worries

HAT’s unique messages include helpful, evidence-based strategies addressing the ten biggest worries facing teenagers today.

Both longitudinal and emerging research, involving tens of thousands of adolescents, has helped identify the issues that teenagers most worry about. HAT is designed to directly address these worries through a solution-focussed lens.

The ten key issues of personal concern which HAT addresses are:
My body

Body image, self-care, sleep, physical exercise, comparing self to others, acceptance, and more.

My environment

Eco-anxiety, climate change, sustainability, renewable energy, impact on wildlife, habitability of our planet, and more.

My family

Communicating with parents, relating to siblings, belonging, boundaries, changing relationships, support, and more.

My friends

Friendship groups, maintaining friends, supporting one another, fitting in, coercive control, toxic friendships, and more.

My future

Uncertainty, decision making, future planning, future proofing, independence, interdependence, help-seeking, and more.

My health

Mental health issues, emotional regulation, managing stress, acceptance, self-talk, coping, overscheduling, and more.

My identity

Self-awareness, self-acceptance, values, self-reflection, diversity, inclusivity, equality and more.

My learning

Academic engagement, academic success, motivation, procrastination, perfectionism, and more.

My safety

Physical safety, privacy, trust, security, risky behaviours, social anxiety, and more.

My technology

Impact of social media, FOMO, technology addiction, self-control, cyber-bullying, and more.

What our customers say

Why HAT?

Engage Middle-School Students

Designed specifically for adolescent students – making it easier to start and sustain meaningful conversations about essential wellbeing concepts.

Innovative, Expansive Wellbeing Program

The HAT Wellbeing Program covers a wide range of relevant topics including mental health, stress management, building resilience and nurturing relationships.

Supportive Classroom Resources

A range of beautiful optional classroom materials such a student journals, posters, and take-home postcards that continue to facilitate open discussions and reinforce wellbeing concepts.

Trusted by Educators

Endorsed and used by educators across the world. Our resources have a proven track record in enhancing students' understanding of wellbeing and fostering a positive, supportive school environment.

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