HAT Wellbeing Program

Welcome to the HAT Wellbeing Program – an innovative approach to wellbeing education that harnesses evocative artwork to generate real-life wellbeing conversations and life-long strategies for adolescents.

Elevate Student Wellbeing with HAT Wellbeing Program
  • Empower Through Conversations: The HAT Wellbeing Program is not just another curriculum; it’s a catalyst for change. It empowers students by encouraging conversations about important topics, sparking intellectual growth, and nurturing emotional intelligence.
  • Tailored for Adolescents: We understand the unique challenges and needs of students aged 10-16. That’s why the HAT Deck #1 includes 40 carefully crafted HATs, designed specifically for this age group. Each HAT promotes discussions that address the most common worries of adolescents.
  • Benefit for All: The HAT Wellbeing Program isn’t just for students; it’s a valuable resource for teachers and families too. Each HAT promotes discussions that benefit the entire school community, fostering unity and understanding.
  • Engaging and Enjoyable: Learning should be engaging and enjoyable. The HAT Wellbeing Program uses interactive activities that captivate students’ interest, drawing them into discussions that matter.
  • Unlock Potential: With the HAT Wellbeing Program, you’re not just educating students; you’re unlocking their potential for personal and academic growth. Prepare them for a bright future by fostering both their intellectual and emotional well-being.

Join us on this transformative journey to inspire wellbeing conversations, empower students, and strengthen your school community. Elevate student wellbeing with the HAT Wellbeing Program today.

Transformative Wellbeing Conversations for Students Aged 10-16

What Does It Include?
  • 40 Engaging HAT Chats: These flexible, interactive wellbeing lessons make exploring critical issues effortless.
  • Digital Teacher Companion: Simplify your lesson planning and delivery with clear and concise lesson plans.
Make It Even More Engaging!
  • Printed Teacher Companion: Take HAT Chats to the next level with these beautiful companion.
  • Student Journals: Personalize each student’s wellbeing journey with space for reflection, thought, and creativity.
  • Wall Posters: Transform your school environment with 40 stunning posters that keep wellbeing at the forefront.
  • A4 Classroom Cards: Encourage meaningful conversations and reflections with 40 durable cards.
  • A6 Postcards: Spread wellbeing wisdom with 40 postcards that students can take home and share.

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A full wellbeing lesson, complete with presentation slides and lesson plan exploring interdependence