Frequently asked questions

The HAT wellbeing illustrations, thoughts, and insights are generally relevant to people of all ages and the can certainly benefit younger and older people in school settings, sporting clubs, and various youth organisations.

HAT has been designed for Middle School students (upper Primary and lower Secondary).

  • You sure can!
  • You can choose which activities you include, the order you complete the activities, and how long you spend on each activity.
  • You can add your own complementary content, stories, and activities.
  • You can hide slides, re-order slides, add slides.
  • Please feel very welcome to do whatever you think is most appropriate and effective for your students.

Our HAT team is committed to creating new HATs – and we are always working on the next series of HATs! We would love to hear any thoughts you or your students have regarding a new HAT illustration or thought. Please send any ideas to our team at [email protected]

Yes! Simply add the relevant HAT resource and price and list as a compulsory student item.  You may like to add that the students will receive their HAT resources directly from their teacher.

Yes! Many schools Parents and Friends’ Associations like to raise funds to contribute to a worthy wellbeing program that will positively impact the students – their children. With HAT Postcards, the whole family can feel a part of the HAT Wellbeing program.  Parents and siblings can eagerly await next week’s card!